Senior/Principal Engineer - Security Analyst / Researcher
Posting Date : 13 Jun 2022 | Close Date :11 Sep 2022


·       Lead and engage the security related research activities with Academic organizations.

·       Lead and participate in automotive security related international/industrial standard organizations.

·       Propose and initiate automotive security technology project and activities aligning with department level roadmap.

·       Focus on searching, experimenting and deploying cutting-edge security solutions to achieve enterprise level strategies.

·       Guide and support the elicitation and analysis of security requirements for platforms and OEM projects.

·       Aid in documenting the security interfaces, security interconnections, and the trust relationship between system components and external systems

·       Research on Fuzzing as well as Penetration Testing techniques and develop customised Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment on communication, electronics and embedded OS of Automotive E/E products.

·       Engage in code review.


·       Bachelor's degree (and above) in Information Security, Engineering, Computer Science or related field.

·       Deep knowledge in applying C, C++, JAVA or other scripting for different embedded system development.

·       Knowledge of security engineering (building secure systems), Operating Systems and network security, common attack patterns and exploitation techniques

·       Knowledge of system security analysis techniques such as threat modelling, attack trees etc.

·       Excellent written and verbal communication skills

·       Experience with embedded systems will be added advantage

·       Experience with Automotive industrial protocols will be added advantage


·       Knowledge with Security Engineering and Assurance methodologies e.g. fuzzing, static and dynamic code analysis.

·       Knowledge with common attack patterns and exploitation techniques. Ability to write fully functional exploits for common vulnerabilities such as simple stack overflow, cross-site scripting, or SQL injection.

·       Experience in using standard Security Assessment and Penetration Testing tools such as Burp Suite, Metasploit, IDA Pro etc.

·       Data Science techniques such as clustering, anomaly detection, and machine learning leveraging data analysis tools such as Splunk, MapReduce, SQL, R, MatLab etc.

Specialization : Engineering
Type of Employment : Permanent
Minimum Experience : 5 Years
Work Location : Singapore

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