Configuration Manager
Posting Date : 13 Jun 2022 | Close Date :11 Sep 2022


1.           Build and Oversee Release

·       Provide basic environment for team members, for example, docker image, storage repositories

·       Setting up and supporting continuous integration and deployment

·       Make sure that new products are configured and coded properly for successful integration and operations

·       Assemble data on release metrics, oversee the source code management system, such as git, svn

·       Maintain multiple build environments, and document steps relating to the release process.

·       Review engineering practices, assist in researching new technologies

·       Automation

2.           Execute traditional configuration management activities

·       Identify and manage CIs (Configuration Items)

·       Create and maintain CM plan

·       Define CM rules and strategy, such naming conversion, branch-management strategy

·       Execute CM audit and report to measure conformance to entire processes

·       Work with software engineers to resolve any issues and document fixes for use in future reference materials.

3.           Set Release Schedule

·       Set a release schedule for a product  and adhere to company procedures in all tasks

·       Oversee release deployment, generate release notes, and configure software to all platforms.

4.           Perform other duties as assigned


Required Skills & Experience:

·       5 years of practical experience in best-practices and tools and processes in the DevOps space.

·       Familiar with one or more DevOps/IT Operation Tools such as: Code management and build tools (.eg Git/Maven/...), Continuous integration tools (.eg Jenkins/Nexus/...), Configurations tools (.eg Ansible/Puppet/...), Monitoring tools (.eg Zabbix/Prometheus), Modern IT infrastructure (.eg Docker/Kubernetes/...)

·       Experienced in at least one programming language, preferably Python

·       Eagerness to learn, expand your skills, and try new tools

·       Understanding of how agile development teams work

·       Good process awareness

Specialization : Electronics/Semiconductor
Type of Employment : Permanent
Minimum Experience : 5 Years
Work Location : Singapore

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