CAD Engineer - Technology Development
Posting Date : 16 Apr 2019 | Close Date :15 Jul 2019

Job Description :

·                  Contribute to the development of new products by designing, developing, maintaining, supporting and using CAD software for product development.

·         • Good understanding of programming fundamentals, as well as exposure to various programming languages including: Skill (Cadence), Perl, Perl-TK, Python,

·         • Development and support of programmatically defined Pcell (Parameterized layout generator) devices to automate physical design creation.

·         • Contribute to the success of the Design team by applying CAD tools to specific designs as needed.

·         • Undertake independent research and development of next-generation Pcells and CAD software to meet product development needs.

·         • Apply basic semiconductor process and device construction knowledge to all projects to effectively contribute to product development.

·         • Good understanding of basic CMOS process manufacturing and layout design rules.

·         • Apply basic process knowledge to develop and support Cadence PCELLs (Parameterized Cell) and LVS (Layout versus Schematic) russet.

·         • Work with PI engineers and design team to identify and implement best-design practices and methods for doing physical layout design which will work most effectively with automation tools.

·         • Develop and support scripts and other programming utilities used in physical design, functional and physical verification, performance optimization and tapeout to assist in product development.

·         • Development of scripts, GUIs (Graphical user interfaces), and APIs (Application programming interfaces) to integrate EDA tools

Education and Experience:

·         • Bachelor Degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering.

·         • 2-3 years of experience in related field.

Specialization : Electronics/Semiconductor
Type of Employment : Permanent
Minimum Experience : 2 Years
Work Location : India

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