R&D Analog IC Design Engineer
Posting Date : 31 Oct 2019 | Close Date :29 Jan 2020

R&D Analog IC Design Engineer


Key Responsibilities:


              Development of Analog/Mixed-Signal circuits from specification to prototypes.

              System-Level analysis , evaluation, full-chip architecture design, modelling, simulation, integration and bench test.

              Perform Analog Spice behavior modeling and simulation of basic optoelectronics devices such as LED, photo detectors and photo arrays based analog circuits.

              Work closely with layout engineer for physical implementation (layout), LVS/DRC layout verification, and chip floor planning.

              Responsible for layout optimization, error debugging, and post layout extraction and parasitic analysis.

              Able to work with other designers, Chip Architects and layout engineers to achieve full-chip integration, place and route, top-level verification and tape out.



              Master/Degree in Electrical Engineering or Microelectronics with excellent technical background in Analog /Mixed-Signal IC design

              Design experience in optocoupler, high voltage and high driving current design or design experience in Analog IC design involving ADC, IO drivers, Bandgap, LDO, etc.

              Experience with sigma-delta modulator and switched capacitor circuit will be an added advantage

              Good working knowledge of relevant Analog IC EDA tools

              Good understanding automation scripts e.g. perl script etc

              Knowledge in Opto-electronics(Photo detectors, Photo arrays) and associated circuits will be an added advantage.

              Independent , flexible and team player with good communication skills.

Specialization : Electronics/Semiconductor
Type of Employment : Permanent
Minimum Experience : 5 Years
Work Location : Singapore

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